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Staff and classes - 2019-2020

The staff at Hermitage are...

Zoë Howe - Headteacher

Karen Attard - Deputy Headteacher and Inclusion Co-ordinator

Preet Serai - Deputy Headteacher and Key stage 1 Co-ordinator

Rachel Wild - Assistant Headteacher and Lower Key Stage 2 Co-ordinator

Tanya Matin - Office Manager

Yasmeen Patel - Office Assistant

Rebekah Thoma - Office Assistant

Susan Packham - Bursar

Patric Sherwin - Premises Manager

Shorif Ahmed - Learning Mentor and playcentre Manager

Tracey Pace - Learning Mentor and Parent Liaison

We are a school that is excited by change and love learning about new things, so every year, the class names are changed and we choose an inspiring and creative theme.

The school year starts with a whole school cross curricular mini project where we learn more about our chosen person and produce work to share and display around the school. So far our themes have been; artists with links to the French speaking world, to help us to understand more about French culture; artists from cities that have hosted the Olympic Games; architects of iconic buildings in London; textile and fashion designers who have had an impact on the way we live and dress, Philosophers and Great Thinkers...

This year our theme is Human Right Activists

Early Years Foundation Stage

Nursery - Barnado Class

Olivia teaches this class, supported by nursery nurses Shaina and Fatema

Reception - Mycroft Class

Mozlufa teaches this class, supported by Runa A

Reception - Coram Class

Sheila teaches this class, supported by Jakira

Deka and Sanita work with all classes specifically supporting inclusion and intervention work.

Key Stage 1

Year 1 - Parks class

Celia teaches this class, supported by Jahanara

Year 1/2 - King Class

 Daphne teaches this class, supported by Shahnaz

Year 2 -Kaepernick class

Kristan teaches this class, supported by Abdul (HTLA)

Tracey works across all three classes, providing learning mentor and inclusion support.

Parul and Pearl work across Key Stage 1 providing inclusion support.

Key Stage 2

Year 3 - Geldof class

Shipa teaches this class, supported by Runa B (HLTA).

Year 3/4 - Nigussie class

Micah teaches this class, supported by Shohenaz

Year 4 - Jebb class

Kael teaches this class, supported by Sanam (HLTA)

Year 5 - Ero class

Michael teaches this class, supported by Sanam (HLTA)

Year 5/6 - Baez class

Toby teaches this class, supported by Rubena

Year 6 - Gorbachev class

Rachel and Natalie  teaches this class, supported by Rubena

Shorif is our learning mentor and he works across all Key Stage 2 classes.

Ambiya and Wollette all work across the Key Stage 2 classes providing inclusion support.

Specialist Teachers

Hermitage has specialist teachers for French, Music and PE

Nathalie teaches French to children across the school, starting in the Nursery with rhymes and songs, to conversational French in key stage two. She organises our fantastic French residential, where we put our French to the test!

We also have Iveta who teaches different sports and fitness activities at lunchtimes.

We're a percussion specialist school and every child, from Nursery to Year 6, is taught by a percussion teacher. Progressing from African Drumming in Early years and Key stage 1, to Glockenspiel in lower key stage 2, to Steel Pan ensembles in upper key stage 2.

Jonathan teaches EYFS African drumming.

Stathis teaches KS1 African drumming.

Pranay and Lee teach LKS2 Glockenspiel.

Justin teaches UKS2 steel pans.

Stefano and Hassan are our specialist PE teachers and they teach PE across the school.